Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Three days of glorious sunshine plus Fleet's famous Carrot Cake, Pork Rolls and cold beverages greeted our many visitors to our enormous stand at SALTEX 2013!

Our 20 staff manning the stand were kept busy every day showing and demonstrating our full and comprehensive range of machines and paints. Usually the first to arrive at the showground and the last to leave, everyone worked extremely hard and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
It was great to meet up with existing customers, as well as a great deal of potential ones. The new products, MAQA and Ki, were enthusiastically and positively received by all and we look forward to them being available over the coming months.

MAQA is one of our latest innovations to join the BeamRider family. MAQA is a GPS based system that will enable the operator to simply and quickly map out their sports fields and then remark time and time again with no further setting/mapping required. As with the BeamRider, when compared to conventional marking, there will be a saving of both time and therefore money. Ki is another of our latest innovations that was at SALTEX. Customers, new and old, were given “private viewings” of the Ki by our CEO, Iain McGuffie.

Iain has been largely responsible for the whole Ki design project with input from various colleagues and customers. Ki has 5 patents pending and is absolutely brimming with unique features giving the user numerous benefits over other machines.

On our demonstration area, the competition, Human vs. Machine, gave visitors the opportunity to try to overmark a BeamRider laser straight 20 metre line in as short a time as possible. For taking part, visitors were given a free Fleet T Shirt. Nobody managed to beat the BeamRider but a few did very well. There was also the possibility of trying out all of our machines and paints from wheel to wheel to the ride-on BeamRider RX.

Also on show were a few stencils painted using our vibrant range of coloured paint called Colour XS. The logos include Fleet, the new MAQA logo, Tiger Turf plus 3 IOG logos at the neighbouring IOG stand and the Landscape & Amenity stand.