Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gloucester RFC & Fleet

"Having recently sponsored Gloucester  RFC with blue and green HSC paint, yellow PMF paint and a Kombi with Wheeled Knib for The Fold Children's Orphanage in the Limpopo region of Africa, Iain and Chris were invited to a 1st team squad photo shoot at Kingsholm as a sign of their appreciation of our help. 

It's apparent from the photos from The Fold a bit more than line marking and "zoning" went on. The children, and perhaps some Glos RFC staff!, had a bit of fun putting hand prints on the walls nearby. 
Gloucester RFC plan to return to The Fold next year for their next project".

"The close partnership between Fleet and GRFC resulted in Fleet being contracted to mark out the car park at Kingsholm. The lines were painted with our PMF water based paint applied using the always impressive BeamRider Laser system.