Tuesday, 17 December 2013

St Albans School saving labour using eROK

St Albans School, recent winners of The IOG School, College, University Sports Club Grounds Team of the Year for 2013 recently trialled Fleet's eROK for  2 weeks. 

The eROK proved to be a massive success and easily halved the amount of man hours spent on line marking at the School's large sports ground. During the  trial, the eROK was mainly used by Darren and Jason, St Albans main line marking staff.


The time released from line marking by using the eROK enables that labour to be used on other tasks around the School. This means the eROK will quickly cover its cost and save many man hours through the course of a year.  The pictures show Darren Symonds using the eROK.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

"Watford Football Club's Lloyd Doyley waves to the camera on his way past to a warm up session at UCL Union's Sports Ground. Adrian Simm, Sports Ground Manager, is pictured on the far right, with his groundstaff, from right to left, Steve Read, Burt Rowson, Mark Rolf and Alan Taylor. 

UCL are proud new owners of Fleet's BeamRider laser system plus the eROK ride on system.

The new equipment will be used with Fleet's Standard paint and  will help maintain and improve the quality of the line marking at UCL. UCL have 3 pitches that are for the sole use of Championship side Watford FC plus numerous other pitches for their own students use".

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Having been asked recently to initial mark some pitches for the local council, Alec and Iain started late one afternoon and before they knew it, it was dark. 
But, of course, with the BeamRider Laser System, it doesn't matter, the job can still be done in the dark!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Clive Liddiard MSc., Head Groundsman (on left) and his colleagues, James Duffield Deputy Head Groundsman (centre) and Gareth Hunt (on right) take delivery of their new Gator fitted with Fleet’s BeamRider RX laser system and the Fastliner Kit.
They are the first School to use the Beamrider RX for ride on laser guided line marking. Clive and his colleagues have used the revolutionary pedestrian BeamRider SX for over 6 years now and saw the RX version as the natural progression of the SX.

The BeamRider RX will be used on the School’s natural grass pitches (4 rugby, 7 football and 6 Cricket tables for tram lines ) plus Clive plans to use it on their state of the art, £1.3m., IRB and FIFA approved 3G Synthetic surface for red and blue temporary lines using Fleet’s Colour XS and Reddispray”.