Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kombi 3 In The Groundsman

kombi line marker

Fleet On The Road

Fleet Line Markers have been busy out on the road over the past couple of months starting at Manchester City’s training ground where we were sponsoring the Premier League Groundsmen’s Annual Meeting. After the obligatory coffee and biscuits, the groundsmen were able to see the Beamrider in action out on one of City’s nine glorious training pitches. Most had seen the Beamrider marking the accurate ninety degree corners but there still appeared to be continued enthusiasm for this machine. The remainder of the day was taken up by the meeting and in the evening, most retired to the hotel where we were further engaged in conversations about line marking, renovation of pitches and the general day to day life of a groundsman.

The Hampshire FA invited us to Basingstoke to put on a demonstration evening for some of
their interested members. The roadshow was advertised as an educational evening with the 
IOG also in attendance.
Fleet had the opportunity to showcase the Ki, Kombi and Beamrider and relevant paints with 
the event culminating in a ‘straightest line’ competition which was won by Gary Brown of South 
Wonston Swifts who won a Ki and paint worth £400. The HFA members were very 
complimentary about the event, commenting that it had been ‘informative and well presented’.

Everris hosted an exhibition day at Musselburgh Racecourse in mid-May which saw numerous 
big names such as Stihl, Everris, Fleet, etc promoting their products. This event was primarily 
for Council officials but was also well supported by grounds staff of local sporting clubs as well 
as general contractors. We were given permission to put down the Fleet stencil using Magipaint 
which drew much attention within the Parade Ring.

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FREE Knib Retainer

Fleet is excited to announce the first Kombi 3 upgrade as part of our “Future Proof Line Marking” honor.
The Knib Retainer has been designed to steady the Knib assembly when used on severe rough terrain. Even though 
this might not be required all the time, Fleet feel it’s beneficial for all customers to use and will now be fitted as 
standard on all Kombi 3’s.

Upgrades will be shipped free of charge towards the end of June 2015.
Terms & Conditions apply

Thomas Sherriffs Open Day

Wednesday 13th May saw Thomas Sherriffs annual open day held at Musselburgh race course in East Lothian to which 
Fleet were invited to come along and display their range of paints and machines. 
On site to assist with any questions or enquiries were Gary Rodger, Chris Buckley and Alex Walker. 

The weather held firm which was a bonus, helping with attendance numbers but although this was a John Deere open 
day customers were really interested in our stand which included machines such as BeamRider, Ki and the new Kombi 3.  

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Customers had the chance for hands on experience with our machines, the BeamRider in particular drew massive 
attention, those who had never seen it work were blown away. Also on display John Deere Gator fitted with our famous 
Fastliner kit.

All in all a great day was had by all and helped bolster Fleets name north of the border. 
Scotland ASM Gary Rodger would like to thank Thomas Sherriffs for inviting us to be part of their open day and looks 
forward to working together again in the future.