Monday, 12 May 2014

KI launch is a complete success.

Close to 100 people turned up on Thursday 08th May at Malvern RFC for the official launch of Fleet’s latest innovations, the Ki Spray Machine and the DROO paint.

The day started off with Iain McGuffie, Fleet’s Managing Director, welcoming everyone to the event. Iain also welcomed special guests Liam Killeen and Kevin Duffill. Liam is a 3 times Olympian and a Commonwealth Games Medal winner and Kevin is 1 of the 8 new National Pitch Advisors appointed by the IOG.

Iain Courage, Fleet’s European Sales Manager, then did a presentation on the history of Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd from 1953 to the present day. This was followed by Liam Killeen unveiling 1 of 6 special Golden Ki’s to be produced. This was later to be given away to a lucky prize winner.

After the unveiling, Carl Haffield, Fleet’s Graphic Designer, showed the Ki transforming from transport mode to ready to use mode.  Everyone then filed outside onto the Rugby Club’s training area for hands on experience of the Ki and DROO. Lunch followed in the form of a pig roast, refreshments and Fleet’s famous carrot cake.

Lunch was followed by a short walk to Fleet’s premises for a factory, workshop and laboratory tour along with further demonstrations to show the Ki spraying PMF onto a hard surface. The line achieved was pristine!
Back to the Club afterwards for more demonstrations of the KI along with the Kombi and BeamRider. This was followed by a competition between Iain Courage and Alec Gordon, both of Fleet, to see who could do the fastest, straightest line over 100 metres using the BeamRider RX system mounted on a Kubota RTV900. The RTV900 was kindly loaned to Fleet for the launch day by John Johnson of Kubota at Thame in Oxfordshire.

Iain went first and marked a laser straight 100 metre line in 19.1 seconds. This was followed by Alec achieving 100 metres in 15.6 seconds. There is to be a steward’s enquiry, however,  as there was some dispute whether “Smart” Alec actually achieved 100 metres! If he didn’t, he may be disqualified!!

The day culminated in a competition for the guests to see who could mark the straightest “freehand” line using the new Ki and DROO. There were plenty volunteers. Just before the start it was revealed that contestants had to wear a blindfold. Great fun was had by all! The competition winner was Phil from Parallel Lines who is now the proud owner of 1 of 6 unique Golden Ki’s. When speaking to Dave Mann, owner of Parallel Lines, Dave mentioned that Phil has a dog called Ki – spooky!!
The Ki has many unique features and has 63 bespoke moulds/mouldings, 27 machined components and 5 patents pending. The Ki INNOVATIVE never before seen features such as fully retractable handlebars, stowable line forming guides and Fleet’s revolutionary “NCS” Nozzle Cleaning System.

From transportation to deployment mode in seconds, the Ki uses an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY lithium ion battery to provide power for a full day’s marking.

The Ki and Droo paint offer a real alternative to transfer wheel machines; no paint mixing, better line definition, faster field marking times and reduced costs ON ALL SURFACES. AS little as 1 litre to mark a football pitch.

DROO is our latest paint designed especially for the KI. An extremely bright marking fluid that produces long lasting rain resistant lines.
No mixing required - just connect the bag and begin marking.

Should you wish to seethe Ki and DROO on demonstration please contact Fleet on 01684 573535.