Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fleet Line Markers expands production team to fulfill Ki order requests

3 weeks ago Fleet Line Markers Ltd launched its latest revolutionary line marking products, the Ki spray machine and DROO paint, at a successful launch event held at Malvern RFC.

Since launch date the sales team have received an increasing number of orders and enquiries for the innovative machine from customers across the UK and Overseas, exceeding expected demand.

 To fulfill all order requests within the agreed timeframe, Fleet Line Markers has employed a small number of production staff to assist its expert team of engineers in assembling the machines, at Fleet’s Malvern based factory. 

Fleet Line Markers’ Production Manager Danny Bennett, comments “The Ki launch was a great success, which is evident by the number of orders and enquiries received to date. 
“Although we have completed the initial order batches, the machine is still in increasing demand and as a result we have streamlined the development process, and recruited production assistants to ensure the machines can be assembled efficiently and in accordance with quality standards – fulfilling order requests as soon as possible.”

The Ki Spray Machine was created in house by Fleet’s expert team of electronic and software engineers – boasting 63 bespoke moulds, 27 different machined components and never seen before features including fully retractable handlebars and an ‘NCS’ Nozzle Cleaning System.

Unlike other marking machines, the Ki is equipped with a connected bag of Fleet’s own DROO paint for immediate marking. The machine also has a self sealing system, which allows users to leave the paint bag connected between marking sessions without the risk of blockages, saving time and costs.

Danny finishes, “The Ki Spray Machine has the potential to revolutionise the line marking industry in providing groundsmen with a precision line marking machine at affordable costs, thanks to its partnership with DROO paint.

“Consequently I am in no doubt that order levels will continue to rise – and here at Fleet we will continue to work with great efficiency to supply the demand.”

For further information about the Ki or to book a machine demonstration please contact Fleet’s sales team at sales@flmuk.com or alternatively please contact the office on 01684 573535.