Friday, 29 August 2014

The Ki Spray Machine impresses Sweden’s Greenkeepers

Last week, exclusive Fleet distributor for Sweden, Jordelit, celebrated their 35th Anniversary.

As part of the celebrations, over 100 Greenkeepers visited Jordelit’s head office in Mölndal and enjoyed two days of presentations and product demonstrations inter mingled with a round of golf at the spectacular Hills Golf and Sports Club.

European Sales Manager Iain Courage and Assistant Chris Buckley were on hand to help the Jordelit sales team, demonstrating Fleet’s latest line marking innovations, the Ki Spray Machine and NEET paint in yellow, red and blue. 

Both the Ki Spray Machine and NEET paint attracted a vast amount of interest from the Greenkeepers, who were extremely impressed with the advanced line definition produced by the machine.

Iain and Chris also demonstrated the benefit of the Ki for marking out hazard lines on Golf courses

Iain confirms, “All attendees at the Joredlit anniversary celebrations were excited by the Ki’s ability to produce superior lines at affordable costs.

“What’s more, in demonstrating the machine’s capabilities on the golf course, we were also able to highlight the productivity and durability of the NEET bag system when compared to the use of aerosols – even when changing colours, which is simply a case of disconnecting one bag of colour and attaching the really does take seconds!”

For further information about the Ki Spray Machine and NEET bag system please contact the sales office on 01684 573535 or alternatively please email 

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