Monday, 22 September 2014

Hare on the hillside - Dorset's Festival of Extraordinary Events aided by Fleet products.

Fleet Line Markers are no strangers to stencils for sports games and team logos across the country but when Inside Out Dorset approached us to lend some expert knowledge for an up and coming event we just couldn’t help but get excited.

The large scale White Hare artwork was situated on a hillside, to celebrate the Ridgeway’s Neolithic heritage, recalling ancient chalk figures of around 1000 BC and to pay homage to the English hare.

The Hare was plotted using GPS and staked out using ribbon, Fleet helped by supplying spray equipment and paint to fill the marked area resulting in a bright white Hare that could be seen for miles.

In this video artist Sarah Butterworth, who dreamed up the idea of a chalk figure of a hare explains the significance of this mystical animal and how she and her team managed to paint it on the grassy slope.

The Hare was commissioned by Activate for Inside Out Dorset, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership, West Dorset District Council, Dorset County Council and Arts Council England.

The Hare from Alastair Nisbet - ScreenPLAY on Vimeo.

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