Tuesday, 7 October 2014

1 Month 3 Exhibitions and still going strong.

September was a busy month for sales but also for exhibitions.
The month started off with SALTEX at Windsor Racecourse. As always, Fleet had one of the busiest  and largest stands at the show. Centre stage was the Ki and Kombi 3 both of which caused a lot of interest at all levels of groundsmanship.

The next exhibition was indoors in Germany. This was a 4 day show that again was extremely busy and attracted visitors from all over the World.

The final show was in France and was outdoors. With over 450 exhibitors, this was again a very busy 3 days with Ki and Kombi being demonstrated as well as the BeamRider. The Fleet logo was painted on the grass but instead of the usual blue and white, it was painted in blue, white and red, the colours of the French Flag. This created a massive amount of interest and impressed many! As well as the French Flag bringing a smile to the Fench faces, Iain "painted" a smiley face using on the gravel using the Ki and water".

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